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About Us


100 years ago, a sweet shop was setup by a young boy, Mohammed Hussain in a remote location in Hyderabad and this is claimed to be the first in the city, to serve a variety of confectioneries and desserts. Soon, word reached the Nizam and he tasted the sweets at the shop itself. It did not take him long to choose the Jouzi Halwa as his favorite and in merriment he announced the shop to be named of Turkish last king, Hameedi thus came to be known as Hameedi Confectioners.

Till date, we are still the number one choice for our finest Hyderabadi sweets and each being a representative of rich culture, originality and true culinary masterpiece. Apart from the Jouzi Halwa, Hameedi is known for their Jouzi Halwa, Saffron Ashrafi, Badam Ke Jaali, Motichur Ke Ladoo, Chandi Ke Ashrafi, Puran Puri, Pure Gee Balushine, Khowa Puri, Buena peda  and Halwa Sohan Tikki they exhibit true blue Hyderabadi taste and class.

Jouzi Halwa:

Our specialty, the Jouzi Halwa is most famous for being the chosen delicacy for the last Nizam, Osman Ali Asaf Jah VII and he would frequently get it catered to his palace for all the functions.

Its ingredients include the rich Jouzi spice where its name is derived from and include Kesar, Dry Fruits, Milk, Pure Ghee, and Zafraan. And because of its manner of preparation, it can also be carefully stored in a cool, dry place and for up to a month, making this the top choice for expatriates and customers from all around the world.

Hameedi Confectioners, a known name for all the known desserts and sweets that Hyderabad is known for and we are proud of. Come, gratify your taste buds with the best.